Develop Leaders and Develop Your Team

“Leaders are made… not born”

A growing company requires leaders who know how to develop themselves and develop those they lead. Without a team willing to follow the leader, the leader has nobody to lead. The Platinum Rule taught by The Cyrano Group focuses on those leaders who are professional service providers and those wanting to learn how to take their leadership to the next level. Discover how to communicate, inspire, and motivate anyone and everyone you meet.

By learning The Platinum Rule you will learn the following:

  1. The four basic styles of leadership

  2. Why each style has its unique strengths and drawbacks

  3. Understand why you have been successful so far and how to leverage your strengths to get the most out of those you lead

  4. Discover what you might be doing that has been holding you back from reaching your full potential as a leader

  5. Learn the secrets of understanding those you lead

  6. Understand what might be affecting the results you desire

  7. And learn how to adapt to everyone’s unique style to realize your full potential as a leader

As a client, we’ll work with you so you can train your current and future leaders how to inspire and motivate a team that will:

  • Achieve more
  • Develop interpersonal skills to motivate others to their way of thinking
  • Be known as a leader who get things done while protecting the interests of the people they lead

For details on how to get started, call Scott Zimmerman at 330-848-0444 x2 or email him by clicking here.

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