Create Predictable Sales Growth While Crushing Your Competition

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The Cyrano Group is looking for 8 quality clients that will commit to our one-year program and agree to be featured in our next book: “The Platinum Rule for Professional Service Providers: How to grow a thriving, predictable business by treating others as they wish to be treated.”

Six challenges we help professional service providers conquer:

  1. Selling takes away from the time to service current clients adequately.
  2. Servicing clients takes time away from selling and developing new business growth.
  3. Professional service providers are becoming so busy; it’s difficult to keep up with all of the necessary tasks to grow a thriving business.
  4. Rainmakers connect with some prospects and clients but disconnect with others and don’t know why.
  5. Competition is fierce; differentiating yourself is becoming increasingly difficult.
  6. More people are turning to the internet for their information and advice; many perceive your service as a commodity.

As a client participating in our one-year program, you will:

  • Turn your salespeople and rainmakers into power producers. When your rainmakers, customer service, and professional service providers learn how to build trust quickly and maintain rapport throughout the relationship, they will be able to turn everyone they meet into a friend, a referral resource and/or a client.
  • Define your best clients. You don’t need more clients – you need better clients. With an unlimited amount of money and time, anybody can teach you how to find more opportunities which lead to more sales. But is that what you really need? Or do you need better clients that will pay what you are worth, trust you completely and gladly refer you to other qualified prospects.
  • Convert quality leads into clients. We show you how to identify, attract and convert prospects into profitable clients.
  • Efficiently up-sell and cross-sell. By providing you with customized training and our (patent pending) technology, you can easily up-sell and cross-sell more products and services with very little effort.
  • Improve client loyalty. As your clients begin to see the value in the services you provide, they will become loyal to you and trust your advice implicitly.
  • Systematize business development functions to create predictable sales growth. so your professional service providers, rainmakers, customer service, and marketing personnel the necessary help to help them exceed your clients’ expectations.

Unlike traditional sales consultants and trainers, we combine the proven applied behavioral research of Dr. Tony Alessandra and our own proprietary technology to systematize business growth functions.

Unlike average CRM and Sales Automation Systems, we provide more than just reports and reminders. Our web-based technology automates critical follow-up and marketing/communication actions that build relationships, create new selling opportunities and convert clients into Apostles.

Our training is based on The Platinum Rule: Treating Others the Way They Want to be Treated. Simply stated, it teaches that there are four basic buyer behavior styles and each with their own inherent needs, wants, fears and preferences. By learning The Platinum Rule, your personnel will be able to understand their own behavior style, learn how to read others’ behavior styles, and then adapt their behavior to create immediate rapport and build trust throughout the life of every client relationship.

Call Scott today (330-848-0444 x2) to explore the possibilities of becoming our next client. If more convenient, send him an email and he will give you a call back.

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