Making Marketing and Sales Work Together

We help our clients identify, comprehend and master each phase of their business growth functions:

* Lead acquisition: Tradeshows, advertising, internet, networking, strategic alliances and referral programs

* Lead conversion: Consultative selling, relationship selling, permission marketing, drip marketing, one-to-one marketing, behavioral profiling and mastering the phases of relationships

* Customer retention and loyalty: Target marketing, cross selling, up selling and client appreciation programs

* Referral processes: “Raving fan” programs, networking, give-to-get marketing, indirect marketing and referral training

By strengthening every link in the business growth chain, we create closed-loop systems for targeting, engaging and landing new customers.

Because of our proprietary technology and our deep grasp of all facets of corporate communications, we are the only company in the world who can help you effectively marry the sales and marketing functions that grow revenues.

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