Improving Relationships

“Relationships are the cornerstone of life… and succeeding in business!”

A unique benefit from mastering The Platinum Rule is that you will become a relationship expert in your personal life… as well as in your work life. Additionally, by providing your staff members with Platinum Rule interpersonal skills training, you will be giving them much more than a paycheck; they will learn how to create, develop, and master relationships with others. Not only will they become more loyal and productive employees, they become well-adjusted people who are comfortable in any social environment.

It’s proven that a happier home life makes for a more productive work life. And, as you have undoubtedly experienced, the reverse is also true: a more successful work life leads to a better home life. For these reasons, it is important to learn how to create and maintain successful relationships in all areas of your life.

Important Concepts About Relationships

Fundamental concepts regarding relationships include:

  • Some people naturally focus on feelings and personal relationships; others focus on tasks, information and results.
  • Some people work, think and take risks quickly; others have a slower pace when approaching change, decisions and tasks.
  • Relationships work best when both parties adapt slightly to accommodate the natural styles of the other.
  • Relationships flourish when both parties appreciate the gifts and strengths of the other; focusing on the positive attributes of the other.
  • The Platinum Rule makes style identification and adaptability techniques easy to master.

There are three things anyone can learn from The Platinum Rule.

  1. How to understand themselves better and why they do the things they do and act the way they do.

  2. Identify another person’s style quickly in each new relationship.

  3. Adapting to each other style; lowering interpersonal tension while increasing trust. This is the ultimate win/win scenario.

We have discovered that the most successful companies teach, breathe, and practice The Platinum Rule.

Whether you want to help cement the relationship with your clients, prospects, coworkers, colleagues or family, learning The Platinum Rule is the fastest way to win others to your way of thinking.

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