If you are a business owner, rainmaker and/or a professional salesperson, you have just found the world’s first resource that can create predictable, systematic sales growth for your organization.

If you believe that your business growth is directly linked to the number of meaningful relationships that you can build and maintain with prospects, clients, colleagues, referral partners and internal customers, you are going to love what we can do for you.

We Married the Marketing, Sales and Communication Functions

The Cyrano Group is the only company who combined one-to-one marketing automation with the proven interpersonal skills training created by Dr. Tony Alessandra.

The result was nothing short of amazing… and we are living proof!

In your business, it is likely that you have people who invest part of each workday building relationships and/or creating new opportunities. Whether you call them salespeople, rainmakers or partners is irrelevant, because our systems make them all more effective. Perhaps you, yourself take on one of these roles. If so…

Connect with More People in a Meaningful Way

Imagine attending a network function. Half the people in the room walk up and publicly thank you for helping them achieve their goals. People who don’t know you are drawn to you because of your natural charisma. After you effortlessly make new friends, you enter them into your contact management system (Cyrano) and it automatically sends them things that help them solve specific problems and/or achieve specific goals… all on your behalf!

Because they were fortunate enough to have met you, hundreds of business people become even more successful. Naturally, they tell their clients and colleagues about you. Your popularity increases. Your top-of-mind awareness increases. Your personal and professional brand is enhanced. One day, you go to work and you have more qualified leads than you can handle. Your lobby is full. The phone won’t stop ringing. Your email box is jammed.

Sound impossible? It’s not, because I’ve described the wonderful changes in my life. My name is Scott Zimmerman, and I began enjoying these benefits when I embraced The Platinum Rule and invented the Cyrano Marketing System.

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