Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy is unique as it is written in everyday language and based on common sense:

The Cyrano Group is a division of Zimmer Graphics Inc. The Cyrano Group has created a web-based contact management system that automatically sends letters, postcards, brochures, emails and gifts from people in sales capacities to their customers, clients and prospects.

The system described above is marketed under different names to specific markets and professions under the following names: Cyrano Marketing System, Cyrano Service, Sales Elevator and Relationship Express.

Our users input information about their contacts and then use our systems to send out different items/emails based on what they have learned about each person.

The whole purpose of the system is to facilitate person-to-person marketing. While it is possible that a user could import a list of contacts with email addresses (and SPAM them), we have very explicit language on the top of the page on that section of the system threatening them with immediate termination of their license and possible legal action. To date, our users have faithfully complied (to the best of our knowledge).

Naturally, we have taken every standard precaution to protect our user’s data. We use VeriSign encryption and our hosting providers back-up the data daily. Users must know where to login and must provide a correct username, password and company ID to gain access to their own contact lists.

Our entire business model is based on users telling other people about their positive experience in using our system. Therefore, if their data was ever compromised, or we ever sold or shared their data/information with anyone else, we would very quickly be out of business. For this reason, we will never knowingly sell, share or grant access to any part of the system’s data to any person, company, organization or entity. The only people who have access to the “Administration” portal of the system are the employees of The Cyrano Group and employees of Elite Business Solutions (the programmers who built and support the system).

Should you have any additional questions or concerns relating to this Privacy Policy, you may contact me directly: Scott Zimmerman, President, The Cyrano Group: 330-0848-0444 x2 or email: